Single Origin – October – Kenya Thiru


Country: Kenya
Region: Kiambu County, Kenya
Co-operative/Wet Mill: Thiru
Altitude: 1400-1550m above sea level
Species: Arabica
Varietal: SL 28, SL 34
Processing Method: Washed and Sun Dried
Supplier: Small Batch

Tasting Notes: Juicy and rich with a complex acidity, intense brown sugar sweetness and notes of red apple, currants and grapefruit.

Just a 45 minute drive north from Nairobi – Thiru Estate sits at approximately 1590 meters above sea level. The soils here are deep red volcanic soils, rich in organic matter, with mostly SL28 & SL34 varieties being grown over 20 hectares of land, owned by Mrs Ann W Gichuhi.

At Thiru, cherries are selectively picked at just the right time, with cherries being delivered to the washing station on the same day. Cherries are sorted prior to processing, and are processed using clean river water, which is then re-circulated before disposal into seepage pits. The pulped and washing coffee is then dried in the sun on raised tables (which are covered during the middle of the day to keep the drying temperature process consistent), before being sent to the dry mill to be hulled and graded by size and density – it is then packaged into grainpro prior to export.

This lot of was graded as an AA, which refers to the screen size used (in this case 18/64 inch and up). While the ‘grading’ concept often implies a differentiating quality, it is actually just a way of separating the beans into sizes that can be categorised – the processing and flavour quality of an AA is most often at the same level as an AB (which is graded using a screen that is 16/64 inch and up).



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