Extraction Guide

The following guide is intended for our “Super Brazil” blend –  a very forgiving and flexible blend that produces great results within broad extraction parameters.

This method requires compact scales with 0.1g resolution for measuring ground coffee and also measuring extracted coffee liquid.  We also offer comprehensive training that explains this process in detail.

How much coffee should I use?
We recommend 19 – 20 grams in a double filter, and 12.5 – 13.5 grams in a single filter.

How much coffee liquid should be extracted?
For Espresso we recommend 38g – 48g for Double Espresso, and 25g – 31g for Single Espresso.
38g & 25g extractions are best suited for Espresso or milk coffee in 5oz – 7oz cups.
48 & 31g extractions are best suited for milk coffee in 8oz take away cups.
For Ristretto we recommend 25g – 30g for Double Ristretto and 17g – 20g for Single Ristretto.

How long should it take to extract Espresso?
We recommend an ideal extraction time of 27 seconds for Espresso, however 24 – 30 seconds produces great results.

How do I change my extraction time?
Extraction time (flow rate) should be controlled by adjusting your grind setting.
Coarser grind = less extraction time
Finer grind = more extraction time.

Please note:  This information is intended as a guide for espresso, and is no substitute for the comprehensive Barista Training Courses we offer.

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