Single Origin – February – Kenya Gatomboya

Country: KENYA
Village: Karindundu
Region: Konyu
State: Nyeri
Species: Arabica
Varietal: SL28, SL34
Processing: Washed, Sun Dried
Supplier: Latorre and Dutch

Tasting Notes: Layers of brown sugar sweetness, notes of port, blackcurrant and plum. A complex cup with a buttery textured finish.

The Gatomboya washing station is a member of the Barichu Cooperative Society.  Gatomboya’s producers cultivated this lot under shade. After depulping, coffee beans are fermented overnight, washed, fermented again for up to 24 hours, washed thoroughly in elongated channels, and soaked again. The parchment gets skin dried first, followed by 9 to 10 days drying on raised beds with seven days of rest after drying.

The factory at Gatomboya apart from winning multiple quality awards provides numerous welfare benefits tothe farmers that contribute to this regions fantastic reputation as high quality producers. Such benefits include; credit facilities for school fees, farm inputs and and other emergencies and regular training by factory managers to ensure high quality and thus high yield.


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