Single Origin – November – El Salvador Espana Honey


Country: El Salvador
Region: Apaneca-Ilamatepec, Ahuachapan
Farm/Co-operative: Espana
Altitude: 1400m above sea level
Species: Arabica
Varietal: Bourbon
Processing Method: Honey
Supplier: Melbourne Coffee Merchants

Tasting notes: Tropical fruit sweetness, syrupy body and notes of plum wine, honey, red apple and blueberry. 

Nora Lemus De Diaz Nuila is a third generation coffee farmer from El Salvador and is the proud owner of Finca España, a small 22 hectares located in the Quezalepa canton of the Apaneca municipality, on the Apeneca-Ilamatepec mountain range in the Ahuacapán department of El Salvador.

The Apaneca Ilamatepec mountain range is a chain of four volcanoes that lies between the towns of Santa Ana and Apeneca. This famous growing region is home to many past Cup of Excellence winners, and recently farms from this region have been been certified under the protected Denomination of Origin (DO) classification due to the unique terroir and high cup quality.

Finca España sits at the privileged elevation of 1,400 to 1,450 meters above sea level. Bourbon and Pacas varieties are planted in rich volcanic soil on the farm, under the shade of Ingas and natural forest trees.

Shade grown coffee, like that at Finca España, plays a vital role in preserving this regions precious ecosystem and landscape. Growing on lava formations, the coffee trees provide important ground cover and let water infiltrate into the groundwater reserves in the soil. Shade trees help to protect the biodiversity in the region, and provide a santuary for hundreds of the migratory and native bird species found in this part of the world.

Coffee is harvested at Finca España during the final weeks of December through until March. All coffee from the farm is carefully harvested by hand and meticulously sorted before being delivered for processing to the nearby Beneficio El Carmen on the same day. Fernando Alfaro, the owner of the mill and El Carmen Estate, works with the family to process their coffee to their specifications so as to assure its quality and consistency.

Currently Finca España produces wet process and natural coffees and has only recently begun experimenting with honey processed lots, such as this one. This lot has been first pulped and is then delivered to dry on raised beds with the mucilage still attached. The coffee is regularly turned in order to ensure even drying.

We cupped this special 5 bag micro lot in June this year and fell in love with the cup profile. It’s the first time we have purchased from this farm, but we hope to work with them for many years to come.


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