For this purpose we source specialty green coffees through a range of means such as direct from the farmers themselves, via specialty coffee focused suppliers like Melbourne Coffee Merchants, SILO, Latorre and Dutch, MTC, Ninety Plus, the Cup of Excellence program and more. These coffees are purchased in small quantities, ensuring freshness, seasonality and variety. We roast these specialty coffees in small batches, predominately on a customised 5kg roaster that is located in one of our cafes called Hawthorn Common. Our specialty coffees are roasted to order, packaged by hand and delivered in a timely manner, in many cases by the roaster himself, Ben Toovey. Ben is the head of our specialty coffee division, and he oversees the sampling, selection, roasting, packaging and delivery of all specialty coffee products. Thus our specialty coffee division acts as a micro-roasting arm of our main coffee roasting facility, catering to those who wish to experiment with some of the more contemporary styles of coffee offerings and preparation methods.

Another function of the specialty coffee division is quality control, research and development. We test and implement things like VST precision filter baskets, Extract Mojo refractometer and TDS meter, and other “coffee geek” tools and toys. We can also source and help you set up alternative brewing methods in your café such as pour over, syphon, cold drip, chemex, aeropress, trifecta etc.

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