Here are some likely causes of unsatisfactory espresso.

Extraction parameters are incorrect.
Go to our Extraction Guide page.

Grinder dosing chamber needs cleaning.
Remove build up of coffee from all surfaces in dosing chamber.

Grinder blades are worn.
Call for service.

Group Head is dirty (shower screens).
Correct chemical backflushing is required more regularly. Severely dirty screens may need replacing.

Damaged shower screens.
Buckled or perforated shower screens will affect the flow of water through your espresso.  Call for Service.

Handles & baskets are dirty/damaged.
Replace filter baskets that have cracks in the filter or rim.
If handles & baskets are dirty, they require more regular soaking in boiling water & espresso cleaning powder.

Slow water flow through Group Head.
Blocked water filters will restrict water flow through your espresso.  Replace water filter cartridges at recommended intervals, or sooner if necessary.

Please note:  Our barista training courses give Baristas the skills to produce consistently great coffee.

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